Welcome to TASA MEMos!

Dear TASA MEM colleagues,

One of our main goals this year is to engage more postgraduate students in the MEM network. To this end we (the MEM postgraduate representatives) are launching a blog site to provide a dynamic platform for postgraduate students working on migration, ethnicity and multiculturalism to share their work, ideas, and news about events and publications. We’ve started with a number of ideas for things to include on the blog. The categories include:

  • Members: Profiles of postgraduate MEM members with an overview of their research
  • New publications: Notices of new publications of interest to MEM researchers
  • Recently completed PhDs: Updates on recently completed PhD theses of interest to MEM researchers
  • Events: Notices of upcoming conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures and other events of interest to MEM researchers
  • Short pieces: Contributions of short articles/posts by postgraduate MEM members on topical and emerging issues of interest to MEM researchers
  • Postcards: A space for postgraduate members to share images that reflect the themes of their research and of interest to other MEM researchers

By giving postgrad students working on MEM issues the chance to publish their thoughts and publicize their work, as well as other developments of interest, we hope to create a conversation that helps students around the country to get to know each other’s work and make useful connections.

We would greatly appreciate feedback on these and any other ideas for the MEM PG blog – tell us what you would like to see! Please send your feedback to any or all of your postgraduate reps at the following email addresses:

Rebecca Williamson (rwil2924@uni.sydney.edu.au)

Derya Ozkul (sozk2606@uni.sydney.edu.au)

Elsa Koleth (ekol7647@uni.sydney.edu.au)

We strongly encourage you to pass on this message to postgraduate students that you know who are working on MEM issues and encourage them to contribute their ideas for the site. With your help we look forward to creating a useful and exciting PG resource.

Best wishes,

TASA MEM Postgrad Reps


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