Summer School in Migration and Inequality, 8-12 July 2013, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna

General Information

Migration is a key challenge in contemporary societies. The magnitude of people who live and work abroad has never been as large as today, with migrants making crucial contributions to economic, social, cultural and political transformation in modern societies. This situation is a momentous challenge for the social sciences: The issues to be addressed include the causes, progress and consequences of migration; the relevance of (familial) networks as well as cultural, symbolic and economic capital for migrational processes; migrants’ living conditions; and the manifold and partially conflictual relationships between natives and immigrants. Moreover, spatial structures and processes of delimitation are paramount to international migration and are to be explored in terms of divergent political frameworks.

Attending to the subjects of migration and inequality, the Marie Jahoda Summer School of Sociology is pleased to invite dedicated PhD students to send in their applications. The work will focus on five core themes supervised by a high-ranking international faculty.

The Summer School will be hosted by the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, and is funded by the University of Vienna.

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Radio National programme, Life Matters: The migrant experience

“What is it like to be a migrant to Australia? We speak to three authors who have written about their experience of migration and building a new life in Australia.”

Download audio at

UWA Anthropology & Sociology 2013 Semester 1 Seminar Series

Anthropology & Sociology 2013 Semester 1 Seminar Series

Anthropology & Sociology Seminar Room 

Social Sciences Building 1.30

Adele Millard – PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc.,UWA March 1 Truffle in Paradise: the currency of risk, ritual and rumour in a developing agri-food ‘tradition
Catherine Morris – PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc., UWA March 8 Human rights discourse: does the nation still matter?
Dr Stephen Bennetts  – UWA Graduate

and Dr  Ross McCallum – Media, Curtin

March 15 But is it anthropology: anthropological practice in the creation of the Carnevale of the People’s republic of Fremantle 2009-2013
Dr Nathalie Boucher –


March 22 – The Social Life of Water: Sociability in Urban Public Beaches and Pools
Emanuela Sala, PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc.,UWA April 12 “What is the second generation?” Questions of ethnicity among two cohorts of second generation Italian-Australians in Perth, Western Australia
Dr Mitchell Low, Anth. & Soc., UWA April 19 Nativeness, belonging and the politics of settlment on Norfolk Island
Marianne Pederson – Independent Scholar April 26     Local landowner’s and Western conservationist’s different perceptions of development and conservation in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea
Assoc. Prof. Rob Cover, Communication Studies, UWA May 3 Migrant Community Media, Local/Home Hybridities and Digital Transitions
Thijs Schut, PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc/Asian Stud., UWA May 10 – Educated young people, rural authorities and village-based reactions to troubled education-to-work transitions in central Flores (eastern Indonesia)
Prof. Farida Fozdar, Future Fellow (A&S), UWA May 24 Longing to Belong: ‘civic’ and ‘ethno’ belonging among refugees in Western Australia
Assoc. Prof Martin Forsey, Anth. & Soc., UWA May 31 Whoops I made a MOOC: Reflections on Flipping the Classroom

Friday: 11am-12.30pm

Contact: Dr Richard Davis (