UWA Anthropology & Sociology 2013 Semester 1 Seminar Series

Anthropology & Sociology 2013 Semester 1 Seminar Series

Anthropology & Sociology Seminar Room 

Social Sciences Building 1.30

Adele Millard – PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc.,UWA March 1 Truffle in Paradise: the currency of risk, ritual and rumour in a developing agri-food ‘tradition
Catherine Morris – PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc., UWA March 8 Human rights discourse: does the nation still matter?
Dr Stephen Bennetts  – UWA Graduate

and Dr  Ross McCallum – Media, Curtin

March 15 But is it anthropology: anthropological practice in the creation of the Carnevale of the People’s republic of Fremantle 2009-2013
Dr Nathalie Boucher –


March 22 – The Social Life of Water: Sociability in Urban Public Beaches and Pools
Emanuela Sala, PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc.,UWA April 12 “What is the second generation?” Questions of ethnicity among two cohorts of second generation Italian-Australians in Perth, Western Australia
Dr Mitchell Low, Anth. & Soc., UWA April 19 Nativeness, belonging and the politics of settlment on Norfolk Island
Marianne Pederson – Independent Scholar April 26     Local landowner’s and Western conservationist’s different perceptions of development and conservation in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea
Assoc. Prof. Rob Cover, Communication Studies, UWA May 3 Migrant Community Media, Local/Home Hybridities and Digital Transitions
Thijs Schut, PhD Candidate, Anth. & Soc/Asian Stud., UWA May 10 – Educated young people, rural authorities and village-based reactions to troubled education-to-work transitions in central Flores (eastern Indonesia)
Prof. Farida Fozdar, Future Fellow (A&S), UWA May 24 Longing to Belong: ‘civic’ and ‘ethno’ belonging among refugees in Western Australia
Assoc. Prof Martin Forsey, Anth. & Soc., UWA May 31 Whoops I made a MOOC: Reflections on Flipping the Classroom

Friday: 11am-12.30pm

Contact: Dr Richard Davis (richard.davis@uwa.edu.au)


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